Thursday, April 24, 2008

Charles De Goal-Algorythmes

The following is a rather unfavorable review from trouser press that I mostly disagree with:"Stylish but awkward, this French artist is at his best on weird, moody synthesizer workouts — those songs that rely on choppy guitar and weak singing aren't as effective. A version of Bowie's "Hang on to Yourself" (on Algorhythmes) is skittish and tense, but not especially different from the original; its inclusion seems purposeless."

I think the reviewer is missing the point. The synth, choppy guitar and so called weak singing all work perfectly together to create a tense, moody, classic lp. I absolutely love this album! It's a definite treasure of French new/cold wave post punk. And the Bowie cover aint so bad either.

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Note:the last track is closed so I let it spin a bit for your enjoyment

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fresh Start

Since I am now ripping vinyl I decided that a fresh start for this blog was in order. All rips will be done by me from my personal collection. As usual, if someone does not approve of a particular post it can be removed on request. Look here sporadically for a great post. Comments are welcome!